Mapping LGBT Harassment in the Borough

The Kingston LGBT Forum is fully committed to helping the police tackle all forms of homophobic and transphobic hate crime in the Borough, but we also understand that not everything always gets reported. To help improve awareness of the true picture, we are providing a system in which people can record incidents of hate crime or discrimination no matter how small, this could be as simple as verbal abuse or something more serious, we want to hear about it! 

Using the data we collect we'll be able to 'map' out the incidents to provide the community with a physical image of hate crime across Kingston. This is of course no substitute to reporting incidents to the police, the Forum encourages everyone to report such incidents. For easy advice on reporting hate crime to the police, visit Stonewall's new reporting guide at

We are currently trialling this system over the next few months, with the hope to launch it officially next year! 

Kingston LGBT Forum - Mapping LGBT Hate Crime

The Map
The map gets updated regularly when new information arrives, and as more people record their experiences,
the more people who do so the clearer our map will be.

Google Map