Kingston LGBT Forum at Pride in London

Pride in London is on Saturday 7 July in central London. Pride is one of the biggest events in the Kingston LGBT Forum calendar. Every year we have a space in the parade. If you’ve been in the Pride in London parade before, you know the deal, but if not here is a brief summary of what happens:

  • Every person in our group must have an official Pride in London wristband. This year we have been allocated 40.
  • We also ask you to wear a Kingston LGBT Forum T shirt. You can wear last year’s T shirt, or purchase one now.
  • There are several meeting points on the day (details below).
  • We then enter the holding area and wait in our assigned section for the parade to begin. The wait time is dependent on how long the parade takes to get going. We expect to be held here for at least one hour before we get moving. There will be food stalls, toilets and entertainment in the Parade holding area.
  • This year’s Parade will start at Portland Place, go down Regent Street, then onto Regent Street Saint James, followed by Pall Mall, then Cockspur Street and finally onto Whitehall. The parade walk takes around one hour.

Pride in London run a very well organised parade. We do our best to make it clear what to expect, however things like waiting times and the weather (obviously) are beyond our control.

We will supplying some colourful wearable items to brighten up our look. Please also make sure you bring suitable clothing and items to cater for all weather conditions (sun cream, hats, umbrellas etc). In previous years it has both been very sunny and rained on our parade.

The parade itself is super fun and the amount of people watching is crazy. We always get lots of people cheering for Kingston.

Pride Wristbands

If you would like to walk with us in the Pride in London parade, you must reserve a wristband. You will only be able to enter the parade if you have a wristband. We will update this page when wristbands are available.

Once you have reserved your wristband you can collect it on the day of the parade only from 2:05 – 2:15 pm on the corner of Marylebone Road and Park Square East. We will not hand out any wristbands before this time.

You can reserve your wristband free of charge, but if you later realise that you cannot make it, we would appreciate you letting us know so we can re-issue your wristband to another person.

Children are very welcome, but please note that they will need their own wristband, regardless of their age.

Pride Meeting Times

13:00 outside Surbiton Station
13:10 on the train to Waterloo
13:35 under the clock at Waterloo Station
14:05 on the corner of Marylebone Road and Park Square East (where wristbands will be given out)

The Pride Rules

Anyone under 18 must be accompanied by a responsible adult. If you appear to be under 18, please bring ID to verify your age. If you look too young, are not with an adult and do not have ID, you will not be able to take part. Under 18s must not consume alcohol during the parade and, if found to be consuming alcohol, they will be asked to leave.

Animals (except assistance animals) are not welcome. Please do not bring them.

The only entry into the Parade Form Up Area is at the top of Portland Place, where Portland Place meets Park Crescent. If you are running late and wish to join us, we may be able to pass a wristband to you over the barrier, however this will only be with the permission of the Pride in London security volunteers, so please don’t rely on this being the case.

Please also make sure you read Pride in London’s Code of Conduct.

2 Thoughts on “Pride in London – join us in the parade”

  • Hiya just wanted to know if you will be going to gay pride and walking again it was so much fun last time meeting new people and having a laugh would love to go again

    • Hi Lee – Nice to hear from you. We are registered as a walking group at Pride again. We will be putting some more details out in the coming weeks. We hope you can join us again – Charlie (Chair)

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