It’s bi visibility day on 23 September, and we have been inspired this year by a collaboration between three leading bisexual advocacy organisations who teamed up with LGBTQ youth charity Just Like Us to celebrate with twenty-three billboards across the UK!  Spearheaded by Libby Baxter-Williams, a longtime advocate for the bisexual community and Director of Biscuit, the billboards are to be found in locations as premium as Boxpark Wembley, and Liverpool, Leeds and Manchester City Centres.  It’s estimated that half a million people will see the message, celebrating the bi+ community and highlighting the issue of bi-erasure.

One of the collaborators, Lois Shearing, who is founder of the Bi Survivors Network said; “We’re so excited for everyone to see this celebration of bi+ identities as they go about their lives. Given that all Pride events and most in-person community groups have had to be put on hold this year, this is a great way to remind people of bi+ issues, as well as reminding the bi+ community that even if we haven’t seen each other in a while, the community is still there waiting for them.”

Please see our Support page for a list of bisexual organisations and resources, and our events listing for upcoming (currently mostly online) events. And if you do happen to be in Wembley or elsewhere with a billboard, take a selfie with the hashtags #BiVisibleBiProud and #BiVisibilityDay, and let us know!

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