Mental wellbeing resources in Kingston

By Annie McIntyre

On 1 July, Kingston Mental Well-being Festival was held at the King Charles Centre in Surbiton.  I went along for a few reasons: as a user of mental health services myself, and because I have an interest in community wellbeing and wanted to identify resources that might be useful for you here.

It’s Bisexual Visibility Day 2018

By Katy Harrad

23rd September every year is Bisexual Visibility Day, also known as International Celebrate Bisexuality Day. This is the focus for a flurry of activity in the bi community (usually including a series of wry jokes…

Why should you come to London BiFest?

By Katy Harrad

What’s London BiFest? It’s an annual day (or afternoon) event celebrating the bisexual community and its allies. There are other BiFests held around the country, which is why this one has London in its name.…