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International Women’s Day logo

Last International Women’s Day we told you about some ways we would work for the Forum’s women Members. Since then the Forum has:

  • Trained the Committee on women’s inclusion
  • Held women as a standing item on the Committee’s meeting agendas
  • Recruited Katy Harrad to our Committee. Katy is so far the only woman on our Committee and it is of great importance that we recruit more
  • Fed into local domestic violence and sexual abuse strategies
  • Asked women their views on the Forum’s activities through our Members survey. We continue to analyse the responses to that survey

As a result, there has been a gradual increase in women involved in our activities and, this week, we celebrated having our first ever majority-women event.

There’s still a lot to do

We know that increasing women’s involvement in our activities is still a critical task for the Forum and this year we will take the following actions to continue to address this need.

We will maintain a gender parity mindset by:

  • Questioning any lack of women’s participation
    Identifying more inclusive alternatives
  • Nominating women for opportunities, such as serving on our Committee
  • Always including and supporting women
  • Thinking “50/50” as the goal (50% women and 50% other genders)

We will challenge stereotypes and bias by:

  • Questioning assumptions about women
  • Challenging statements that limit women
  • Always using inclusive language
  • Working to remove barriers to women’s progress

We will forge positive visibility of women by:

  • Identifying ways to make women more visible
  • Extending opportunities to women first
  • Assuming women want opportunities until declined
  • Selecting women as spokespeople and leaders of the Forum

We will influence others’ beliefs and actions by:

  • Supportively calling-out inappropriate behaviour
  • Campaigning for equality in meaningful ways
  • Leading by example through inclusive actions
  • Aspiring to be role models for equality
  • Actively contributing to changing the status quo

We will celebrate women’s achievements by:

  • Knowing achievement comes in many forms
  • Valuing women’s individual and collective success
  • Ensuring credit is given for women’s contributions
  • Celebrating women role models and their journeys

We also invite you to suggest other ways we can be more inclusive of women and call us out on anything you feel may not be inclusive. To do so, email our Chair, Charlie.

Happy International Women’s Day.

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