For this year’s International Women’s Day we asked our team of trustees about the inspirational women in their lives. Here is what they shared.

Katy: Rowena Chiu

I met Rowena about ten years ago – we both had the same group of friends from university but hadn’t met there. When I met her she had two children and apparently boundless energy. She told me she’d once worked for Harvey Weinstein but didn’t go into details. We became good friends and met up with our kids whenever she was visiting home in the UK. She’s one of the nicest people I’ve ever met.
Rowena now has four children and still projects boundless energy. And last year, she disclosed to everyone that she was a Harvey Weinstein survivor, that he’d tried to assault her and made her sign an NDA. Ever since, she’s been travelling the US and the UK telling her story, accompanied by her youngest son, while still working and parenting her other children too. I don’t know where her reserves of energy come from but it’s safe to say she’s an inspiration to not just me but everyone who knows her.

Charlie: Eileen Dain

Eileen was my grandmother. She was a racing car driver and mechanic. She lived and worked in a man’s world, in which she was incredibly resilient and successful. She loved to dance and she was my first port of call whenever I needed to discuss ‘business’.

Annie: Lauren

Lauren, who is 15 on this years’ International Women’s Day, is the younger of my two daughters.  I am inspired by her ability to express herself, both emotionally and physically through dance, and in words.  She also knows how to bring herself into the moment and is one of my favourite people to spend slow, simple time with.


Mark: Marie

Last week would have seen the 91st birthday of my late mother, Marie, who passed away just over 18 years ago. She taught me the importance of being authentic and was completely supportive when I came out to her nearly 40 years ago. She also taught me the importance of always striving for justice. She bore her final, lengthy and painful illness with great fortitude. I miss you, Mum.

Sam: Jane Fonda

Amanda Edwards/Getty Images

My inspirational woman is Jane Fonda, an amazing actress and model with a career spanning 7 decades. Jane is a keen political activist, openly opposing the Vietnam War and Iraq War; supporting the Civil Rights Movement in the 1960’s; and arranging anti-war marches and rallies protesting the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Jane is an honorary chairperson of the V-Day movement to stop violence against women and is a world class environmental activist. She’s been arrested 3 times in consecutive weeks protesting climate change outside the US Capitol! This 82-year-old is showing no signs of stopping soon! Is there anything Jane can’t do?

Who are the inspirational women in your life?  Share here, if you would like to.

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